Interview with Huwbei !

Well, this week we had an interview with one of our main healers Basak ” Huwbei ” who is playing undead priest on Pain Train…

A couple of short questions to get know more about her. Lets find out =)

1 – Hello Huwbei a classic start up question of course ..

H : Hello ^^ My name is Basak and I’m 24 years old, from Turkey.

2 – When did you start World of Warcraft and which class ?

H : I’ve started wow when i was at ages 9-10 just around my brother’s shoulder and was begging him to
craft me some pink clothes =D … Afterwards i continued to play wow as a social player on my highschool years and gave a short break to start university. And last i’ve played at 2018 as a hardcore raider with my main class, Rogue.

3- So why did u pick up a priest character ?

H : So my brother was thinking to start to play a warrior in Classic, so he might thought to bring his own healer to the game ^^ ME ! =P

4- And your story about joining Pain Train Community ?

H : It was totaly chance to met up with PT.. Just looking out a community to play on =) We’ve found Pain Train on Golemagg and jumped in =)

5- What are the most enjoyable activities that you love to do at world of warcraft classic ?

H : I would love to do some raids and also they said pvp at vanilla was also awesome.. I’m waiting to see that also in Classic. ^^

6- Time to time we had some fancy and excited moments on game ofcourse and will be i guess .. Do you remember any moments on your gaming that you were very excited and happy ?

H : To be honest we are having lots of funny times with my guildmates and my brother.. Espically chit-chat and gossips that we make with Metaphor are awesome ! ^^ and also when i healed up the people on raids good enough, and saw myself on healmeters on the toplist, i got some egoboost and excitement inside me =D .

7- As you know world of warcraft has some unique places and soundtracks.. Do you have any soundtrack and favourite place that you love to listen out and to be there ?

H : Hmmm nice question =) .. I Think Graveyard’s music is very cool and the place that i love to be without question, Orgrimmar.

8- ” OMG I DIED FOR THIS ITEM TO HAVE ” .. should be a one i guess.. which ?

H : I farmed so long ILLIDAN’S Warglaives with my Rogue on retail. ( I’m a bit transmog addict ^^ ) but beside that with my priest now on, i dont locked on any item .. Still looking out .!

9- And the last question , any last words for this huge World of Warcraft universe and its players..

H : Enjoy the game , be kind to each other .. and have a great Classical adventure ! =)

Thank you so much for your time Basak ” Huwbei ” , enjoy the game.

Our next guest will be the Guildmaster of Pain Train ; VERSUS .

Stay tuned and Have a great game fellas ! =)

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